My Story

Hey everyone, Noga here!

I am a seasoned journalist and editor with more than two decades of experience. Living in multiple countries and working with women from all over the world, I witnessed first hand the different issues women face worldwide - but also the striking similarities. Whether it's getting stuck in middle management or being gaslighted by the medical establishment, women (and men) worldwide have more in common than we'd like to admit.

My portfolio encompasses a range of professional projects, including editorials about female leadership and interviews, explorations of China's modern society, tech trends, and culture, thoughts on entrepreneurship, and more. Alongside these, you'll find more personal writings on topics such as emotional intelligence and lived experiences.

I currently reside in Shanghai, China, with my loving husband, our baby girl, and our sassy corgi.

My Professional Journey

My journey in professional writing started at the age of 17, when I was selected to write the official blog for 'Israeli Idol,' the local rendition of 'American Idol.' At age 21, Following my service in the military, I became a reporter at Yediot Aharonot, Israel's largest media outlet. As head writer for a local print edition, I provided comprehensive media coverage on topics as diverse as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, crime, and societal issues, all under strict deadlines.

An overseas backpacking trip to China altered the trajectory of my life, leading me to pursue a dual BA in China Studies and Communications at the Hebrew University in 2011. During my time at the academy, I established, now Israel's leading content platform dedicated to all things China. The website covers an array of topics, from tourism and culture to China's history and contemporary society. It serves as a comprehensive resource catering to solo travelers, groups, and businesses seeking deeper insights into modern China. It also lead me to relocate to Shanghai in 2015.

From 2019 onwards, I've been working as a senior editor and social media manager for the German Chamber of Commerce in China. Within this role, I oversee the Ticker, a quarterly business magazine boasting a readership exceeding 30,000. Our cover stories, business columns, and industry reports provide top-tier editorial coverage of the latest economic and technological trends in China.

In recent years, I've served as a China mentor for startups within H-Farm's Marco Polo program in Italy and The Circle: Founders Club in India. I regularly deliver lectures on topics such as Chinese women, culture and technology, female leadership, entrepreneurship, and more.

Making a Positive Impact

Advancing female leadership and empowering women on a global scale have been at the heart of my professional and personal life. Beyond covering women's issues in both Israel and China, I've actively participated in and led various women's organizations over the years.

From 2018 to 2023 I served on the board of directors for IPWS (International Professional Women's Society), initially as the global relations executive and later as vice president. IPWS, one of China's longest-standing women's organizations, aspires to nurture female leadership worldwide through informative sessions, networking events, and the Women Leadership Awards (WLA).

My Personal Journey

For much of my life, I maintained clear boundaries between my personal and professional spheres, believing that emotions and personal experiences were best left outside the realm of work. Growing up in an academically oriented household, I often found myself labeled as the 'practical' one by friends—a model of 'sensible' life choices and emotional regulation. I spent most of my life 'therapizing' my friends - a role both sides were too happy to play.

But in 2016, my life was upended. My beloved father was murdered in a terrorist attack, throwing my family into turmoil. My neatly planned life was abrupted by journalists, politicians, and unwanted exposure. A video of the incident aired on national television and circulated online, reaching tens of thousands. My grief and trauma were politicized, disenfranchised. Televised.

It took five years for me to genuinely grapple with my grief. I embarked on post-trauma treatment and immersed myself in countless books addressing loss, trauma, and emotional intelligence. I started connecting the dots between my upbringing, familial expectations, and cultural background to the manner in which I—and all of us—navigate traumatic events and emotions. The revelations I unearthed reshaped and rerouted my life.

Today, for the first time, I seek to merge my personal and professional personas, showing up as my authentic self. This means building a website that contains my professional work with some of my most personal stories. The latter remains outside my comfort zone—I suspect it always will be. Nevertheless, if my story provides solace or insight to someone out there, it has been well worth it.